Youtei Tracks, Hokkaido

In July 2005, VRgrafix was commissioned by a local architect, Foskett Architects to produce 3D views for a proposed multi unit development in Hokkaido, Japan.


Named "Youtei Tracks", the development was commissioned by Hokkaido Tracks in Japan.


Using supplied ACAD data from the architects, VRgrafix created the 3d model of the scheme, and made modifications as the design progressed. Liason through Foskett and Hokkaido tracks was undertaken to tweak the design and end up with a scheme that was ameniable to all.


As the development is in the ski fields of Japan, and aimed at a western clientelle, the priority was to produce an image of the building in the snow.


Unfortunately for VRgrafix, there was limited imagery of the area in the snow (as it is summer in Japan now) so some creative "artistic license" was required to push out the scheme in short order.


Hokkaido Tracks have since compiled the perspectives by VRgrafix, and inserted them into their advertising blurb at their website. Click the image below to view the site online. (Note: This link was current at time of writing and is liable to change).

Website of development. Click image to view online. (online at time of writing, Aug 05)

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