Benefits for End Users:

You deal with the system from the perspective of a typical creator of content - i.e. you are in charge of public relations, you are in marketing, a journalist, an author, a shop owner or a secretary, etc.

Your Tasks: writing articles, providing images and multimedia content formats like video and sound files. In short, you are producing and managing what the website will have to offer to the audience.


  • Authoring
    Platform independent, publish everywhere: The website can be edited through any computer connected to the internet with a current web browser - wherever you are, no other software needed.
  • More than 33 backend languages
    Users are served with a full integration of more than 33 languages including english, danish, german, norwegian, italian, french, spanish, dutch, czech, polish, slovenian, finnish, turkish, russian, romanian, portuguese and swedish. See this page for complete list.
  • WYSIWYG editing
    A Rich Text Editor (RTE) allows users to format text, insert images and create internal and external links just like in Word or any other word processor. Currently, only accessible through Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows PC's.
  • Automatic design preservation
    Text formatting is foolproof. Your work will always match the basic design settings of the page. Therefore visual integrity is ensured while authoring articles.
  • Automated image processing
    Typo3 offers automatic management of images, ensuring correct size and quality for the web.. “Magic image” technology in the RTE ensures full quality control of proportions and size.
  • Fast and intuitive interface
    The fast backend interface works in any modern web browser, is highly streamlined and fully customizable for any extensions. Reuse of components and consistency of concepts within makes the TYPO3 backend easy to navigate and understand.
    The division into primary and secondary form fields allows the user to see only the most frequently used input options, while advanced options are normally hidden and displayed on demand.
  • Clipboard and Copy/Cut/Paste
    The well known copy/cut/paste concept is used with the internal clipboard to manage rearrangement of all internal objects. For repositioning of pages and content elements, wizards are available to do the job even easier!
  • Context sensitive menu
    A context sensitive menu gives users direct access to the most popular functions of an object with a single click on it's icon. This saves time and spares hands and wrists of users operating a mouse daily.
  • Innovative shortcuts
    Repetitive operations and frequently used internal modules can be captured as a shortcut in a single click. Having a collection of shortcuts, users can jump around inside TYPO3 in no time at all. Shortcuts can be grouped, named and even imposed by administrators upon user groups.
  • Easy addition of hyperlinks
    Links are applied with extreme ease. TYPO3 ensures that there are no "broken" or "dead" links within the system.
  • Wizards
    TYPO3 features wizards for making tables, bullet lists, mail forms, etc.
  • Content Management:
    All kinds of content types are to be added through easy to understand forms. No technical limit to the amount of items accomodated by the content structure per site, per category or per page.
  • Page tree structure
    Pages are arranged in a clear hierarchic tree structure well known by any computer user from the local computer filesystem with folders and files.
  • File and media management
    The internal filemanager allows users to upload, rename, copy, move, delete and even edit files online. Backend users and groups can be assigned private home-directories on the server. Any filepath on the server - internally or reachable from the internet - can be “mounted” in TYPO3.
  • Multiple Page Editing
    Any level of pages can be loaded into an editing form specifying parameters like name, date online/offline, etc. to be edited at the same time!
  • Offline editing status:
    Each page content item, not just the complete page or a branch can be kept in an offline state until finished and then be published by one single click.
  • Preview content online
    Hidden, time- or access restricted content can be easily previewed in it's real environment.
  • Context sensitive help
    The backend interface offers context sensitive help from small icons. The help texts are available in local languages.
  • Scheduled publishing:
    Pages and page content as well as news items can be set to automatically go on and offline.
  • Import
    MS Word documents - or other rich text content from client applications or the web - can easily be imported by simple copy-paste.
  • Version Management
    All of the changes to a document are recorded in a version management system. There is an infinite undo option within a complete and legible view of the documents version history.
  • Multilanguage
    Different language versions can be inserted and maintained on a per-page basis instead of having to create seperate page trees.
  • Personalisation
    Through PHP, user logins and the unique speed-optimized integration of dynamic content, you can personalize the web experience for the visitors to the website.
  • Plugins
    Many default plugins are available such as forums, calendars, guestbooks, sitemaps, banner-controls, email-forms, polls, ratings, faqs, glossaries, news, and online shop systems. The list of user contributed "install-in-one-click" plugins is growing daily in the online extension repository.
  • Direct Mail module / Newsletter system
    A Direct Mail system is able to send highly personalized emails to newletter subscribes. A unique filtering technology allows a batch of thousands of rich media emails to be customized in one billion combinations and tagged with personal recipient information. Response-tracking gives a detailed image of campaign success.
  • Indexed search engine
    Indexed full text search in TYPO3 pages and external media files like TXT, HTML, MS Word and PDF-files. Includes advanced options for searching only parts of a website and intelligent relevance rated display of results. Direct search in SQL database tables is of course possible as well.
  • Frontend editing
    All contents can be edited through the website itself even more intuitively. Simply click on the content you want to edit while browsing the pages. An administration panel is available for the user on the frontend webpage. This allows users to edit, move objects, delete or hide pages, manage lists of database records directly and intuitively on the webpage. A technology closely resembling the award winning “SmartEdit” technology known from RedDot CMS.
  • Minimal training needed
    WYSIWYG editing, frontend editing, table and form wizards, automatic image handling, generation of graphics on-the-fly - these features make any average PC user an effective content author in seconds.
  • Time to market
    Content bypasses typical bottlenecks of licenced software and single access. Any number of editors can be enabled through TYPO3 to create the website!