What are the benefits of 3D prototyping ?


To create a model of any product or development, VRgrafix must be supplied some form of data, be it CAD files from an architect or designer, or simple pencil sketches from the Client.

We then convert this 2D (flat) data into a realistic 3d model of the proposal. This process is termed "Modelling". This can be time consuming depending on the complexity of the proposal. We have a streamlined process that we use to create Architectural developments in particular, typically in 2-3 days.


I have a model - now what?

The computer model of the proposal is now very much like a cardboard scale model. The work is in the modelling, the rendering side is complimentary to and is what the client sees as an end result.

With the 3d model, its possible to capture views of the proposal from any angle; perspectives, orthographic plan or elevation views. Shadow diagrams, realistic sections, artistic sketches off model, "what if" scenarios can be explored though additional elements, views from adjacent buildings / streets or the ultimate in realism is to composite your proposed development into a photograph of the existing street (photomontage)