Product Range & Services

We have developed a range of products to cater for a broad range of clientele - each of these products fulfill a demand at a particular budget, which gives the client a great range to select from. Some of our products replace traditional, less accurate methods of presentation, whilst offering greater flexibility & versatility. All of our products utilise technology to offer solutions that are not available to the traditional industry.


Cost effectiveness is achieved in that all of our products can be re-utilised within a broad range of media, including print, video, web and multi-media.

Perspective Rendering & Photo-montage

The principal service that we provide is computer modeling, through which we create an exact reproduction of the finished development or product from supplied documentation. We are then able to take rendered snapshots of the project with realistic lighting, materials and objects in a scene.


These snapshots (just like a digital photograph) can then be imported into a variety of other media; they can be montaged into a photograph to give a truly realistic image of the finished development in its true environment (Perfect for presentation to Financiers, Councils and Purchasers alike) To find out more about photomontages, click here.

Computer Animation

Often referred to as Fly-throughs and Walk-throughs, we can render animations of products, walk through proposed developments, even create Flash animations for web pages. All of our animation is rendered at PAL resolution, suitable for DVD or broadcast to TV, and all production work is kept at high resolution digital format, which means no signal degradation, so that your production is as good as it can be. These animations can be reduced in size as AVI or Quicktime movies for inclusion on CDs, or converted to Real media or Quicktime for the web.



VRgrafix does a lot of contract work for architectural firms around Canberra, including DNA Architects, Strine Design, Purdon, Hugh Gordon and Geoff Lovie.

We are primarily documentors of commercial jobs, with a focus on design and development vs BA documentation.

We do not diversify into architectural design due to liability reasons, but we do contractural design and documentation for other architectural firms.


Graphic Design

Graphic design is a large field - ranging from logo design to advertisement creation to animations. We have extensive experience in all fields of Graphic design. We have designed logos for companies, created magazine advertisements, TV commercials, News broadcast indents, even graphics for the entire RAAF Net web system.


Current work lately has consisted of creating many A1 size full colour posters or brochures - Extremely useful of visual, eye catching presentations.


Multi-media is, as the name suggests, a range of media's combined into a production. Be it a video, animation or CD-ROM of information. With CD-ROM's, we can create interactive portfolios consisting of spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations, text documents, sound files and animation's. CDs are cheap and ubiquitous. It is a common medium that is prevalent in most offices.


The interactive nature of Multimedia (MM) presentations provides information to be broken up into digestible "chunks" - hence irrelevant waffle tends to be conveniently absent. We have found that clients more readily absorb the information on a MM CD than the same information bound into a document.

It is a fantastic sales tool - especially for small audiences where you need to have a hands-on approach and the flexibility that can be achieved from an interactive presentation.

Multimedia is the presentation medium of the future. To find out more about multimedia, click here.


Web design is a booming industry - with many businesses realising that the cost of being online is far outweighed by the potential exposure to a worldwide audience. Typically adding up to a few hundred dollars for 2 years, Websites can range from having your business details and contacts online, to having on-line purchasing capabilities (e-commerce) and full dynamic CMS capability.

While many graphic design firms charge tens of thousands of dollars - we at VRgrafix prefer to help you, the client, update your own page and keep them current. We design a layout and template that we can use - and upload the basis that becomes the framework that you can update and expand upon. We will train you in the basics and on how to change the page. There are hundreds of software packages that take the complication out of HTML editing - it is very similar to a word processor such as Word these days. This method has proven the cheapest and most preferable option for most of our clients.

All our work is digital, hence all of the above products can be converted to HTML, Flash graphics or Real video to be incorporated into your web-site. To find out more about websites, click here.