Architectural Visualisation

Architectural visualisation is all about creating images that a client can relate to vs. an architects sketch or working drawings.

People generally cannot relate well to a 2D representation of a house or building, and it rarely conveys the nuances of design that the architect is trying to convey. So much is left to the imagination, that often clients are quite surprised with the end result - despite being in touch with the entire design process.

We at VRgrafix have been dealing with clients for 8 years in the Architectural industry - so we are quite familiar with the design process and where it falls down.

By designing spaces in a 3D environment - no surprises are found at construction time. Floor plans meet perfectly, gutters connect as expected. The whole scenario benefits both designer and client - More time can be spent exploring creative options rather than construction issues.

Despite all the advantages, 3D programs are inherently complicated and expensive, hence very few architects utilise or exploit their full potential. Calling in the experts to assist in constructing 3D models of your design can reap enormous benefits down the line - Clients relate better as they can see an accurate representation of the design at any point, any view can be generated, even walkthroughs of the spaces to give a sense of scale and colour.

It is generally more cost effective to hire consultants to help you through the preliminary design process and gain council approvals on photomontages rather than line sketches. And unlike a perspective artists sketch, we can continually update any final images with design changes and even change perspective angles.