Photomontages are fancy words for a photograph that has been digitally altered.

Once a photo has been scanned into a computer - they are at the mercy of the operator. We have all seen the stretching of faces and morphing them into monkeys - But digital representations of photos can have serious applications too.

Once we scan an image in - it can be colour corrected, balanced, cropped to be more compositionally interesting, hues changed, highlights added and taken away.

The next step is to add in other photographs - cut out a portion and stick them on top of another - then blending or adjusting colours to make the image look seamless. It is this process that embodies photomontages.

By layering several images together - we can fool the eye into thinking that it actually belongs there. e.g. A man could be walking on the moon - a watch on an old photo of gold diggers - A clear blue sky over a factory belching out pollution. Once an image is digital - the only limitation is your own imagination.

But there is most definitely an art to creating realistic photomontages. We at VRgrafix have created literally hundreds - and know the art of making convincing images.

From changing the colour of your car to what it looks like with a bullbar - house extensions, adding balconies - we can create mock-ups to quickly show what it could look like - or final high quality, photo realistic posters to convey your design proposals.

Photomontage of building into Photograph