Work Portfolio - Air services Australia

Air services Australia is a government organisation with offices throughout Australia.

VRgrafix was engaged by the projects division to prepare various 3D views of their proposed tenancy refurbishment.

The architects had specified various colour schemes for partitions, furniture and paint. These colour schemes were conveyed to the staff by means of a display board with cutouts of the materials to be used and paint swabs to show colours.

The client was not convinced that this method was satisfactory in disseminating the proposed fitouts to the staff who were going to use the fitouts

Hence they engaged us to prepare a "virtual" model of the proposal, complete with new workstations, paint schemes and most importantly, the proposed partition colour schemes.

The virtual model was prepared with a 3D package called Realsoft 3D. Walkthroughs were generated off the model, and various views showing the feel of the proposed space were put onto the ASA intranet for viewing by staff.

VRgrafix also prepared the Projects division web site with new graphics (as well as the renders of the fit outs) of timelines and cleaned up bulletins and graphs into a unified look and feel that was more digest able information.

We understand the fit outs was well received from staff.