Work Portfolio - Proposal - Tender for Offices

In June 2001, VRgrafix completed photomontages of a proposal for what is currently a hole in the ground. The design brief was to construct various views of a proposal for the purposes of selling the design at Tender.

Working in conjunction with Bligh Voller Nield, a 3D model was built from hand drawn sketches. The design evolved over a series of days, with last minute changes coming in 20 minutes before the design was due !!

Working closely with the Architects, we managed to render out progress images of the model, email them and get instant feedback. Design decisions were made on the spot with "what if" scenarios allowing us to get exact ideas on how the building would look with balconies - with thicker window mullions, darker facades, larger awnings etc.

Street Corner View

The design metamorphosed over several days into the final product that the architects were happy with.

Design decisions like this are only possible using this method - traditional hand sketches of the proposal would not have been suitable for such a last minute design effort - even with 20 minutes to spare we managed to create a MM CD of the design, create the above photomontage and knock out a dozen separate views of the design and still mange to deliver it to the client on time.

Footpath View Adjacent