Work Portfolio - New Residence

In March 2006, VRgrafix was asked by DNA architects to create a 3d model of a new beach house at Long Beach (New Batemans Bay in NSW), Australia.

The design process had been a long winded battle with the Eurobodalla shire to push it through Development Approval as the site is very prominant and literally ON the beach.

DNA's persistance won through and the design had got the DA tick of approval. However, the client was not completely sold on the design, and wanted to make some more tweaks and explore materials.

Initial 3d model

Working closely with the Architects, we created a 'working', live model of the approved DA plans along with colours and materials.

It was'nt long before the client wanted to explore other materials and colours. After several meetings and exploring "what if" scenarios, the model developed as the design progressed.

After some dozen or more iterations and additions to the design, we finally came up with a scheme that pleased everyone (Client and architect ;)

We were then commissioned to create a physical model of the development. (Scale model)

Utilising our newly found talent, Hamish Payne, the model was meticulously constructed with the ability to fully dissasemble the components & look inside!

Computer Model

Photos of Model