Lyons Multi Units

In August 2004, VRgrafix was commissioned by a local Landscape architect to produce 3D views of a proposed multi unit development in Lyons, ACT.


Using supplied data from architects, VRgrafix created the 3d model of the scheme, and made modifications as the design progressed.


As the client was a Landscape Architect, they were keen to show the development with the landscape plan and planting. VRgrafix set out specifically making clipmaps of the proposed plants for use in the model, creating a full 3d model of the development, including landscape.


This enabled the client to produce ANY view of the development, from any angle. Unlike other 3D firms who do most of their final images in Photoshop (2D), this added flexibility allowed the client the freedom to produce flyers for each specific unit vs the development as a whole.

Landscaped courtyard

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