Olympics - Sydney 2000

Sydney 2000 was a success for all concerned, hailed as "the best games ever".

As some of you may know, I worked at SOCOG (Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games) in Sydney for 2 years before starting up VR.grafix;

While I enjoyed working at the games immensely; as it was diverse and very rewarding, the workload was incredible.

I was responsible for creating all of the 3D models for the 30 odd sporting venues, with allowances of 2 days to create the model, 3 days to animate, texture and finish them. With these unrealistic deadlines imposed on me, it would have taken me over 2 years to finish all the models!

Much of the work was creating internal views of each sporting venue (e.g.. Aquatics Centre shown) and inserting 'Look graphics' such as banners, signs, fascias and walls.

Many options were prepared - with a green vs blue option, requiring me to change all materials to the relevant colour scheme.

Animations and "What does it look like from this seat" scenarios were knocked together, put to VHS tape and sent overseas for approvals from IOC members.

The medium offered far superior flexibility to showing Look items than the old composting of elements onto old photographs, often using photos from previous Olympic games. (Not in context)

Other work included creating venue posters, graphics, Crowd flow simulations, Torch Relay videos (15 minutes long - 22,500 frames) NLE video production, creating presentation videos showing venue proximity's, 3D's etc. All on top of my existing work load of 2D CAD documentation of venues and Olympic overlays.

Work was busy to say the least, and the pressure to conform to tight deadlines was enormous.

I resigned in favour of starting my own practice in Canberra and concentrating on creating quality vs quantity.