Work Portfolio - Hasko

HASKO was a Civil contracting firm based in Canberra and Sydney. They predominately contracted to large civil work such as Barton Highway civil works, Olympic Park civil works and various minor government works in Canberra and Sydney.

VRgrafix was engaged by the company director to prepare their web site, and create a Multimedia CD-ROM of the company for marketing purposes.

HASKO was so impressed when they saw VR.grafix's demo CD they wanted one too!

Mark Haskins, Company director, believes that CD's make a cheap form of advertising - They are cheaper than making glossy brochures, and have more visual impact than a typed proposal. Industry standards call for submissions of interest in tendering for work to be typed and handed in by a specific timeframe. With a plethora of submissions, very few actually get read from cover to cover.

With a Multimedia CD-ROM (A computer CD that has various multi media components such as sound, video and type) Clients can put selected information that is relevant to a specific job on or include all of the offices documents for perusal (e.g.. QA manuals, office statistics, spreadsheets and documents.)

With the use of animation, video and graphics, we can create a self-running CD that will leave a lasting impression on clients; "..Remember that guy that gave us the fancy CD.. "

A standard CD can have 640Mb of information burnt to it. One can only write to a CD once however, as CD-ROM stands for Read Only Memory. The data is easily updated and changed as required and new CDs created. A blank CD disk is only $1.40. Hence handing out selected CDs to potential clients is cheap and flexible - You can design a CD for each customer with only slight variations for each.

With Hasko's CD, we included;

  • Company outline
    Staff information including photos, CV's & projects. QA, EPA, company structure etc.
  • Equipment listing
    Hasko have many dozers, excavators and rollers, hence we will have a graphic slide show of the relevant equipment with video footage of each type in its working environment.
  • Projects Listing
    Several pages showing past and current projects, with image and video of each, giving potential clients an idea of the work that Hasko does.
  • Contact data
    Pages showing all relevant contact data for staff - e-mails, bank acct details, mobile numbers, web page address etc.

VRgrafix gathered images and video footage for inclusion on the CD. We have computer facilities that allow us to input video footage straight from tape (VCR or camera) . We can then reduce the video to small animation files and insert them in coordinated pages with graphics.