Torch Relay

Work Portfolio - Torch Relay

VRgrafix was responsible for Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relay Launch Videos.

The Olympic Launch Videos

Similar to the Paralympic video in format, the Olympic version had a much larger budget. It incorporated 3D models of the torch, video footage taken throughout Australia, and a 3D model of Australia showing all the states roads and rivers.

We animated the torch as a small flame driving its way along the proposed route.

The final composted version required was 15 minutes long ! (Over 22,500 frames !) all synchronised to a voice over soundtrack. They also required a 7 minute and 3.5 minute version as well - both of which had to be completely re-rendered and synced to the new voiceover.

This monumental task was completed SOLELY by Bernie den Hertog, and took over 3 intense months to complete.

The Paralympic Launch Video

The 3.5 minute video used by the Paralympic's primary means of educating the public about the launch of torch designs and the route that the torch followed as it made its way through NSW before the start of the Paralympic Games in 2000.

The Paralympic games follows the Olympic games, starting 18 days after the closing ceremony of the Olympic games.

The design of the torch is revealed in the video, showing the slender alloy form in detail. Initial designs were created and made in 3D by myself and co-worker Sav Cremona at SOCOG.

The video is predominantly Computer Generated, showing a 3D representation of NSW as the flame is animated ascending and descending the mountains, making its way towards Homebush and the Olympic Stadium.

The Torch is shown in various close ups of the 3D computer model with the flame burning.

The launch was opened in Canberra on the 4th August 1999.

Olympic Torch Relay Screenshot