HTML - Web pages

HTML is the text file format used to create Web pages Every page on the Internet uses HTML to line up images and present the text you are now reading.

Web design is a booming industry - with many businesses realising that the cost of being online is far outweighed by the potential exposure to a worldwide audience. Typically adding up to a few hundred dollars for 2 years, Web pages can simply have your business details and contacts to having on-line purchasing capabilities.

Like any field in computing, there are many factors to consider when designing Web pages Often people will create the page themselves then have no idea how to put them online. Others complete the task and wonder why no-one emails them.

Most pages are hidden in the directory structure of billions of computers, but never exposed. Search engines are the first port of call for most surfers and if they are interested in a product, you want your business to appear and display its wares.

From online stock catalogues, to a listing of your services. It is one of the cheapest forms of advertising you can undertake.

While many graphic design firms charge tens of thousands of dollars - We at VRgrafix prefer to help you, the client update your own page and keep them current. We design a layout and colourful template that we can use - and upload the basis that becomes the framework that you can update and expand upon. We will train you in the basics and on how to change the page. There are hundreds of software packages that take the complication out of HTML editing - it is very similar to a word processor these days. This method has often proven the cheapest option for most of our clients.

Dynamic websites are becoming the defacto business model, as businesses strive to minimise running costs and keep their websites current and relevant. VRgrafix also sets up dynamic CMS websites. Click here.